• Anuj Modi

[Re] store

Updated: May 15, 2019

The nomadic nature of homo sapiens has been a constant feature which has been observed for a while now. This nature revolves around the need to satisfy his/her basic needs and slowly outgrowing the needs to wants. People have always been traveling from place to place in search of jobs, happiness or one can possibly say for finding their purpose in their lives. This shift in their lives is mainly substituted by moving goods from one place to another. In the end, a lion requires a jungle to habitat. Doesn't he?

People have always been attached to their very own environments. What is this environment? Is it their comfortable couch or thousands of old faded photos from their rusty albums? Well, the possibilities are endless.

But, have you ever imagined the pain of shifting things while moving to another apartment, city or a country? It is quite tedious and hectic. The question over here is not to get rid of all those things and start everything afresh. It is obvious that people are attached to things and leaving behind certain things are or can prove to be quite hard for them. These things are a reflection of their experience, happiness, or a product of their intelligence.

So, the other day I was having thought over this. Why in today's world where digitization is at its peak, people have still not tried to overcome this aspect? The answer to this could be one of my interpretation from everyday observation.

Whenever I change my mobile handset, there is a similar need to transfer the data. This is so because that data is a basic environment in and around which I usually function. This includes contacts, photos, essential documents, music, etc. The pain of transferring this data by connecting both devices to a computer and then folder by folder sorting is something we all would be knowing except the millennials. Recently, I had to change my handset quite a few times due to one or the other issue. In this process, I realized that all I was doing was simply signing into the Gmail system. Since, I had all my contacts, photos, other media backed up in Google cloud service, it was just a tap which did everything.

Now, I had my very own environment and without the worry of any data loss within seconds.

What if we could augment our environment to any such place where we move? With just a tap and signing in, we could restore our native environment and be within our comfort zone. The environment could be 3d scanned and then each object could be further categorized as highly detailed meshes. Be it a step away from a block, city or a country, your environment travels with you. You could potentially configure the environment based on any given space. It could be just augmenting of simple travel photos or a sculpture made by you or it could be transforming the whole space by augmenting each and every detail from flooring pattern to red tulips in Alvar Aalto's vase.

This again gives rises to certain sets of questions.

Will you requiring any additional space anymore? Does the augmented projection save upon physical space as well as economics? Will things become redundant with the introduction of augmented projection in day to day life? Or people would still abandon the idea of going ahead with technology and keep piling on redundant space occupying good in their homes?

So, what would you like to proceed with, shifting up a fresh environment or [re]store from your previous backup?


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