Seperate by the river, Connected by the people

CONCEPT:  In the heart of Maharashtra, lies Menawali, a historic village, approx 300 years old along the river Krishna flowing southwards towards Wai.  

Built by the vision of Nana Phadnavis, an influential minister of the Maratha empire, his residential wada, a traditional house with courtyards is the fulcrum with the sacred ghats forming a unit with a temple shrine. This heritage precinct today is a picturesque setting forming the stage for daily mundane activities of the settlements which constitute the village from generations over time. 

Through time,  the river is losing its significance and gradually is being reduced to the backyard of the village. The several layers of volumes juxtaposed with the interfaces of the edges formed by the ghats along the river form the means for interaction and builds on the traditional way of life.  

The project aims to recreate the experience and reinforce the natural ecology using the waterfront on the opposite edge of the ghats. The focus is to establish the ecological balance by integrating community life with the elixir of water and creating the opportunity for inter-generational dialogue.  

Planting one seed at a time is a key factor in which the people can save up the trees which are being cut down at a very fast pace due to fueling of the sugar industries, in turn, builds this project as a seed which can be sown at various landforms to rejuvenate its peripheries and to complete the web of life.

Mentor: Mrs. Tapan Mittal Deshpande

©2019 by Anuj Modi.