Knight in the shining armor

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Kala Ghoda Association, was formed on 30th October 1998 with the object of maintaining and preserving the heritage and art district of South Mumbai.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is the country’s largest multicultural festival, taking place in February each year. The Festival draws visitors in large numbers, not just from the city but from all over the country, and the world.

20 years ago, Kala Ghoda Association was formed with the idea of giving back to the city we call home - the thriving megapolis of Mumbai. And, thereafter was born the biggest street art festival that India has - the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. 

Kala Ghoda is for, of and about the PEOPLE. It is a celebration of art, culture, music and people above all. Rigid and Durable steel box sections along with mirrors have been used to bring this interactive structure to life. The mirrors and stained glass attempt to encapsulate the colourful MEMORIES of this festival. The skewed reflections created by the the mirrors along with the acrylic panels are representative of our hazy memories of the past 20 years of the 
Kalaghoda Art festival. The form is an abstract take on the symbolic Kala Ghoda, porous with seating spaces and colourful niches.

Knight in Shining Armour by
Balwant Sheth School of Architecture - Sanika Charatkar, Viraj Chauhan, Henna Gala, Anuj Modi, Shaishav Satra, Charmil Shah, Aaditya Vyas, Siddhi Zaveri
An interactive structure composed of mirrors and stained glass, that intends to encapsulate the colourful memories of the KGAF.

©2019 by Anuj Modi.