A library to us is an agglomeration of experiences, vehemence, fervor, excitement, and spirit; induced by its content. Such unfettered experience in a fringed space is what constitutes a library. These sentiments when abstracted via waveforms become the generators of our design. The product hence is a multi-functional, iterative furniture piece structured by the physical translation of the waveforms. This product is most suitable for a library space or reading rooms as it allows its users to have a variety of posture adjustments and utilitarian uses so as to make reading more comfortable. One of the key traits of this product lies in its modular and compacting ability, where the entire system can be flattened to a seamless surface when not in use.     

Team members: Anuj Modi, Siddhi Zaveri, Geet Sampat, Tanishka Sarma, Pari Sanghavi, Sanika Charatkar, Aadita Vyas

©2019 by Anuj Modi.